Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 14, 2009 - THE DUNEDIN DEGREE

Something that has bothered me for a long time is how we educate our younger Brothers in how to become a working Master Mason. Basically, we teach them Masonic catechisms, we raise them, and then we invite them to sit with us in Lodge where they know nothing and stumble along trying to find their way. To overcome this problem, I wrote what I called, "The Dunedin Degree," which is certainly not a substitute for the three degrees, but rather a complimentary component, which we delivered for the first time on Monday.

The "Dunedin Degree" has four parts to it:

* A brief history of Dunedin Lodge No. 192 F.& A.M.
* The duties and responsibilities of the Lodge officers.
* Masonic etiquette.
* A description of other Masonic organizations in our area.

The degree takes approximately 40 minutes to perform and, instead of one lecturer, it is delivered by four different people who act as guides, thereby displacing the responsibility for learning the degree and causing greater participation in the Lodge (and makes it more lively).

Except for the first part, the rest is universally applicable for all Master Masons, at least those in Florida. Consequently, I am making the lecture generally available for anyone interested in taking it and tailoring it to their needs. I just ask that you send me a copy, so I can assemble a collection of degrees.

The degree is available in PDF format by clicking HERE. If you need a plain text version of the script (ASCII text), just drop me a line and I'll be happy to e-mail it to you.

As this was the first time we tried the degree, the meeting was well attended, not just by our Lodge, but by others in the area. All in all, I believe it went well and I think our younger Master Masons seemed to learn a lot from it. I only wish I had something like this after I had been raised.

For more on the degree, see our Lodge's web site, specifically:

Stay tuned!

Until next time.

All the Best,
Dunedin Lodge No. 192 F.& A.M.
Dunedin, FL, USA
"For the Good of the Order"

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