Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4, 2009 - DOWN TO THE WIRE

When you hit the final month of your term as Worshipful Master, a lot of people like to coast. I don't see it that way. The last month ultimately represents the changing of the guard. Consequently, I want to have everything as clean and organized as possible for the next Master. This means taking care of all dirty jobs. In my case, it means making some final decisions regarding Lodge repairs. As we are fortunate to still have a tidy sum of money left over in our operating budget, we want to use it to replace windows in the Lodge and improve energy efficiency. Next year, we will also need to add insulation to our Rec Hall. We're trying to make the Lodge as energy efficient as possible. This is because we know Progress Energy is about to raise our rates by approximately 1/3 next year.

Also this month, I familiarize myself again with voting procedures for Lodge elections. Fortunately, I took some good notes last time. The biggest headache here is what to do if an election is close between two or more candidates. In our case, we take the top two vote-getters and have a run-off election between the two.

Other than the above, I have six things left to do:

1. Festivus - our year-end party which we are holding this evening. A great way to begin to wind down the year.

2. Past Masters Degree - normally this is a MM degree, but because we didn't have anyone ready, we're doing an EA degree instead. And since this will be held on Pearl Harbor Day, we're wearing Hawaiian shirts for the occasion.

3. Palm Harbor Holiday Parade - whereby we are joining our Brothers at Sutherland 174 and East Gate 355 in a Christmas parade. In the parade, we wear comfortable clothes and distribute beads. It's a fun time in a festive venue.

4. Retrieve the Traveling Gavel from Tampa Bay Lodge No. 252 (bring it back home to Dunedin).

5. Hold our last Stated Communications of the year - where I will report on the state of the Lodge, finalize last minute business, and hold Lodge elections.

6. Participate in the Installation of Officers ceremony for the new year. Basically, out with the old and in with the new.

Stay tuned!

Until next time.

All the Best,
Dunedin Lodge No. 192 F.& A.M.
Dunedin, FL, USA
"For the Good of the Order"

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